Surrealist Worlds Haruko Hayakawa: Laughter and Subversion

Surrealist Worlds Haruko Hayakawa: Laughter and Subversion

Haruko Hayakawa is a CG artist, Surrealist worlds artist and creative director who lives and works in Brooklyn. She makes beautiful, funny images that poke fun at pop culture, brands, and memories. This article will talk about her creative journey, from the things that influenced her as a child to the way her career has changed over the years and led to her present success.

Surrealist Worlds Haruko Hayakawa: The Internet is where Haruko spent her childhood.

Surrealist Worlds Haruko Hayakawa: Laughter and Subversion

Haruko started making art in the early 2000s, when she was growing up and the internet was a creative playground. She found safety on websites like DeviantArt and Shadowness. She learned how to be creative in 3D for the first time through a tutorial on Bryce, a 3D landscaping tool. This finding made her love digital art grow, and she went on to learn how to use Cinema 4D R8 and get into robot modeling, which was influenced by Final Fantasy.

Surrealist Worlds Haruko Hayakawa: The Not-So-Linear Way to Be Creative

Haruko as surrealist artist studied 3D, motion, and VFX at the School of Visual Arts, but she didn’t want to work in the field. She tried different jobs, like being an associate creative director at Superunion, before going back to her design roots and focused on branding and packaging. In 2019, she did something brave by quitting her job as associate creative director to go out on her own.

Finding 3D again and accepting non-linearity

Haruko fell in love with 3D all over again as she helped clients picture their goods during supply chain problems caused by the pandemic. Her present work is the result of ten years of working in different creative fields, combining branding, photography, CG, advertising, and packaging.

Roots in Japan and Inspiration for Art

Haruko gets a lot of ideas for her art and design from Japanese things like Ukiyo-e art, old Japanese record art, Studio Ghibli movies, and more. Her works are a mix of illustration and photos, and they use the creepy and strange parts of CG.

Surrealist Worlds Haruko Hayakawa: How Art Shows Nostalgia and Identity

Her love of Japanese and American brands as a child shows up in her art, making people feel nostalgic. As an Asian American, her work is a way for her to connect with her culture and show who she is by combining Japanese and American points of view.

Culture of buying things and humor

Haruko’s work shows that she is interested in using market branding as a way to tell stories. She turns everyday things into interesting stories by adding fun and a hint of subversion. She stays on top of changes and trends in society by paying close attention to new market brands.

Making Representations That Are Authentic

Because she grew up as an Asian American, Haruko brings her own unique point of view to her art. And tries to make it seem real. She hopes that her work speaks to people, especially those who have been through similar things in life, giving them the voice that she once wanted.

Surrealist Worlds Haruko Hayakawa: A Proud Journey to the End

Haruko’s honesty shows in every part of her work. She is very creative because she can connect personally with her art. Also pick projects that are close to her heart. When Haruko thinks back on the past year, she’s proud not of a specific project. But of getting through a tough year that pushed her to improve her skills. And accept her own unique artistic path.